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Public consultation on the Sudan government's draft strategy to reduce deforestation and forest degradation

A draft strategic plan has been prepared by the Government of Sudan aimed at reducing deforestation and forest degradation. The plan is based on an analysis of the causes of forest destruction and degradation carried out in 2017 through a country-wide consultation process.

This consultation is part of the strategic planning process. Its purpose is to ensure that the potential social and environment impacts (positive and negative) of the options proposed in the strategic plan are identified and taken into account in the plan. The stakeholder consultation is a component of the strategic environment and social assessment of the plan. Stakeholders are invited to provide opinions on the potential environment and social impacts of the strategic options so that potential negative impacts can be avoided or mitigated and potential positive impacts can be enhanced.


What is REDD+ and its strategy?

REDD+ is a mechanism that supports governments in paying specific forest stakeholders based on results from improving and respecting the forests more and designating forest projects and sub-national programmes to combat climate change. These results are connected with reductions in negative forest management activities and improvements in sustainable forest management practices. Redd+ activities include reducing cutting of forests and trees within forests and woods, conserving and enhancing existing trees and forests and managing them sustainably. Simplified, the aim is to fix problems with sets of solutions. These solutions are listed as "options" in a national strategy called the REDD+ National Strategy.

What is the SESA?

Sudan's REDD+ Programme aims to reduce the impact of negative activities on forest resources that cause forest destruction and degradation by introducing a national REDD+ strategy as an inclusive solution. To ensure that this strategy proposes the most representative solutions to changing the negative impact on forest resources, the Forest National Corporation has hired a team of experts to carry out a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA).

To ensure that all key stakeholders have been involved in the process of developing these strategy solutions, the SESA team would like to invite you to read carefully the information on the following factsheets for further information, and then fill out the questionnaire. If you feel your knowledge is already sufficient enough, please fill out the questionnaire directly.

Due to the COVID situation in Sudan, we would like to give the opportunity to all stakeholders to be able to attend our consultations from remote, thus reducing the risk of spreading the virus further. In collaboration with the Forest National Corporation, our aim is to work towards a stakeholder inclusive and represented REDD+ process, where all stakeholder groups are given the opportunity to take part in the development of solving and benefitting from Sudan's REDD+ process.